Services & Products

VERTEX offers several software products that enable our partner's success. These products were developed to automate manually intensive and specialized functions. Our suite of niche products is unmatched in the industry.

VTXml Product Suite

  • VERTEX's flagship SaaS platform, the VTXml Product Suite, is the most widely used tool in the marketplace for defining and publishing Life and Annuity insurance product information using industry standards.

VTXcompare Utility

  • An Intelligent XML comparison tool that compares two like XML documents and applies business logic that filters differences so that only unacceptable differences are reported.


  • A software as a service that simplifies and accelerates the software development life cycle by providing quality assurance users tools specific to verifying insurance data.


  • A sleek, efficient and intuitive user interface that dramatically improves the speed and accuracy of the once-onerous task of mainframe table maintenance for legacy insurance administration systems.


  • Combines service and product for a total data translation solution that contains the business logic needed to communicate between systems using ACORD and DTCC standard language.